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  • Nadine Nasser

Opening Brunch at Skafos

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Hello folks! Recently I attended to the opening brunch of Skafos - a #Mediterranean restaurant that recently opened in #ZabeelHouse #AlSeef.

We enjoyed great time by the Creek in #Dubai accompanied by a mix of Spanish #tapas and Greek #mezzas. Don't forget the free flowing white Sangria & strawberry Bellinis to die for...

The highlight of the day was the never-ending freshly cooked authentic #paella. While the sun was setting I finished the day by devouring the dessert buffet. Their #churros injected with caramel was heavenly. Also, as you can see in the picture, eating dragon meringues was so much fun!

Watch the video I made out of this lovely day -

If you want to visit Skafos, there is the address. In my opinion sunset is the best time to enjoy the views of #DubaiCreek with your favorite grape.

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