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How did it all start? Part 2: Consell de Cent con Marina

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Okay, let’s do this. Part 2!

I came home. The district was called #Monumental. It was a beautiful district. So calm, so fresh. Wide roads, lots of pretty pavements, kids, families. It was located in #Eixample - the extension district that was created during the economical boom driven by Industrial Revolution. So, the architecture was so different compared to Barrio Gotic and El Born: large and modern structures. However, we were blessed by #Gaudi’s giant architectural miracles there – I lived in a double bedroom with balcony that crowns your lovely morning with the view of #Sagrada #Familia.

What a blessing, right? Every morning before going to my campus, I used to make a cup of coffee, and would enjoy a “coffee & cigarette“ watching Sagrada under construction with tiny shiver on my skin breathing Monumental’s chilly sun wakes.

In Barcelona, inspiration was in the air – so fresh, so lively. It makes your blood flow filled with energy. Oh, so many sightings, art in the pavements, hidden #Art #Deco gems on your way... People you cross paths could change your life by one conversation that lasts as long as sipping two claras (lemon beer). Little details, local behaviors, traditions you gain takes you and transforms you with every encounter, every trial.

My first morning in that balcony at #Carrer #Consell #de #Cent con #Marina with my mum (she came for the first week to help me settle, hallelujah) over a sip of a coffee cup changed how I see the world, and never stopped. Like and XR drug, slowly released its magic to my being, became a part of my personality and broke it – made it something totally different.

Note: Barcelona city is made of grids (check any Google images to understand if you’ve never seen it). Giving your adress to a cab driver is as easy as desribing where two corners cross. Where lived was Carrer (street) de Cent con (with) Marina (boulevard).

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