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How did it all start? Part 1: Living the dream

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Hello stranger who is reading my first blog post. How are you? I am so happy that you are here because I have something to share: The story of my art hub.

Time is not linear – the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end (fist bump to #Netflix #Dark geeks). The story of my art hub actually goes way back. The day I was born into my family, especially the influence of my mother on me. Then, everything and everyone I’ve met on the way until this moment – everything I have seen, listened, read. If you want to hear my story, we will go down my memory lane in a scattered, messy fashion. I will take you to a trip to near past and then not so near past. Then, we will go back to 25 years ago. We’ll see how this roll out.

Now, I will start with the most apparent Big Bang Moment: 161 days of #Barcelona.

I was in my third year of university when we were presented the option of doing an exchange semester in any university of choice in Europe within our major. Other majors actually could do a full year, yet my faculty, Communications, partied hard during student exchange in the past, so the dean decreed half year quota for Communications faculty to at least cap the failed credits to half.

Anyways, that time I was all about the big party. Concerts, raves... Hence, I went all in for Barcelona. I was already partying in my head at Sala Apolo, Nitsa, Razzmatazz... I was thrilled about all big gigs: Coyu, Solomun, Tale of Us, Richie Hawtin... But first I needed to secure the seat. Did I know castellano at that moment? No. That was an obstacle – I got my mum’s Spanish-fluent friend to write my letter of intent to Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. Ticked. Second, I needed to give B1 proficiency to prove that I was able to do academic studies in Spanish. I took the exam. In university, the matter of fact, I was the queen of innovative cheating methods leveraging modern mobile technologies. I sent the whole exam questions to my mother’s friend during the exam (yes, I owe him big), and he sent all answers back. Of course, a touch of authenticity, I sprinkled a couple of wrong answers. I passed. I was going to do my studies in Barcelona for 6 months. I played #Duolingo like crazy in the following months to acquire street level Spanish communication skills. I am into languages – just to add a bit of background on the matter.

I was going to Barcelona to immerse fully into a new world and culture. My intention was to live, breathe, wear, think, absorb Barcelona. I was going to redefine and recreate myself. Barcelona was my #Wonderland

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